Alessia Macari, post to scream: the costume and the look raise the temperature of the fans

Alessia Macari, the photo shared on Instagram is truly breathtaking: the costume, the pose and the look leave all its followers on various social channels without words.

Post to scream: the costume and the look raise the temperature.

Alessia Macari, Born in Dublin in 1993, the beautiful show girl grew up in the province of Frosinone over the years has managed to be appreciated thanks to its extraordinary and overflowing beauty. All the success of “Avanti un altro” before and “Big Brother” then, has had some reflections on its social channels. On Instagram, for example, it boasts a truly enviable following. It certainly helped her in her ascent to fame, certainly her beauty. Beyond, of course, to its breathtaking forms.

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On Instagram, just in the last hours, he shared a picture that portrays it at sea. By the way while it is busy getting on a platform. The image has inevitably overheated the temperature of his followers. For the costume and its forms, as mentioned, not common certainly. Also for the penetrating gaze that took at the time of shooting.

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Alessia Macari, costume and look are screaming

It is no coincidence, moreover, that especially on Instagram has a truly scary following, with about a million followers.

Users, it seems, have appreciated (and how to blame them) this shot. To the point that they have flooded both “like” and comments. All, obviously, celebrating its overflowing beauty.

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