EXCLUSIVE – The “ciociara” Alessia Macari Vip: “Tifo Frosinone, but I look at Lazio thanks to my mother. Do not call me ‘wag’ … “

Generous curves, Mediterranean beauty and contagious sympathy. The beautiful Alessia Macari, the “ciociara” of Avanti another publisher of Big Brother Vip, is not only a companion of Oliver Kragl, former player of Frosinone and now in force at Foggia, but is also a great fan of Gialloblù. Exclusively to our microphones the beautiful “Cioci”:

On Monday evening Frosinone-Lazio will play: what game do you expect?

I hope in a positive match for Frosinone of course …

You have Frosinone in the heart, but we have also seen you sometimes at the Olympic stadium in Rome to watch some Lazio matches. Do you hide a sympathy for the biancocelesti colors?I hope in a positive match for Frosinone of course …

Yes, I was more than once to see Lazio, with my mother, because she is a great Lazio fan. For this I had to have a liking for the colors of L’Aquila. He almost forced me …

The figure of the “wag” is gaining more and more importance in the world of football. You have been a partner of Oliver Kragl for a few years. How do you dress these clothes?

No, I do not consider myself a wag, I make a super normal life at home, with my dogs and my partner. Then I always had my work before this “title” that was given to me …

Your beautiful Oliver will not take it: is there a player who fascinates you in Serie A? Ronaldo?

The only player I like so much is my partner … I swear not to sympathize with anyone else.

Alessia Macari vip said

Ti abbiamo apprezzata in Avanti un altro grazie alla tua sexy bellezza. Ma anche al GF. Cosa stai facendo ora? Programmi futuri?

Now I’m working on my musical record. I’ve always dreamed of doing it and finally my chance has arrived. I dream of being a presenter of a football program. I would see myself well …


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