(Englisht) Alessia Macari new projects for 2019: wedding, album and Isola dei Famosi

Alessia Macari news: an exciting year for Ciociara di Avanti, another

The new year will be very demanding for Alessia Macari. La Ciociara di Avanti another has finally fulfilled her dream. To take the path of professional singer. In an interview with Nuovo TV, the 25-year-old announced that her first solo album will soon be released. A dream that finally comes true for Alessia. Since the time of Big Brother Vip has never hidden the desire to follow in the footsteps of BeyoncĂ©, always her myth. “I’m writing good songs for a record company and my first single is due out in January. In my first album I will sing in English and Italian. The genre will be pop and reaggeton “, said the Italian-Irish.

Alessia Macari to the Island of the Famous 2019?

“In Italy the mentality is a bit closed compared to America. For example. Jennifer Lopez is both a singer and an actress. I would like to do the same, “explained Alessia Macari. That after winning Big Brother Vip in 2016 does not rule out the possibility to participate in the Island of the Famous. “I would participate, but first I have to take a few kilos”, the artist reiterated. La Cioci has indeed lost a lot in the last period due to continuous relocations – due to the career of boyfriend Oliver Kragl – and some panic attacks. Speaking of German, when will the wedding announced a year ago be celebrated?

Alessia Macari and the marriage with Oliver Kragl

At the moment a date has not yet been accepted : the married couple already live together and want to organize the event calmly, without too much haste. “The wedding will be celebrated within two years, I will not wait any longer. At the moment both of us are thinking about our work. I am also evangelical and in Italy, unlike Germany, to get married we need baptism and communion, and I still have to receive them. Alessia will decide the Church, where the party will be held “, like the sportsman to the magazine directed by Riccardo Signoretti.

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