(English) Alessia Macari has lost weight due to stress: “I lost ten kilos”

For weeks on Instragram users have noticed the incredible loss of Alessia Macari. Now it is the same winner of GfVip and former Ciociara of Avanti, another to explain the reason for the drastic drop in weight … it is the same reasons that led her to postpone the marriage

Alessia Macari

It is not the fault of a strict diet if Alessia Macari, recently, appears very thin. His relationship with food has nothing to do with weight loss that has changed the body of the beautiful showgirl.

The roundness that made it famous as the Ciociara of Avanti and Another have given way to drier and decidedly less curvy lines: Alessia, in fact, has lost 9 kilos.

They replaced me, it was wrong’, his words against Avanti another displace. What he revealed on his farewell

Alessia Macari

A clear weight loss that has not gone unnoticed by the many fans who follow her on Instagram, alarming the most loyal followers: “Beautiful, but you’re too thin now” wrote more than one user.

The reasons for weight loss explained to her the same winner of the first edition of Big Brother Vip in an interview with the weekly magazine New TV: all of the fault and anxiety, he said.

It happened to me suddenly. At any moment I did not understand anything, I thought I could not breathe and my heart was pounding. Perhaps the continuous changes of life have created me stress. I moved four times a year to follow my boyfriend who plays football. Now we moved to Foggia. I found myself often alone, also because he has to train every day “Alessia said.

In fact, standing next to a player like Oliver Kragl does not have to be simple. The 27-year-old midfielder has changed three teams in two years: he arrived in Italy in 2016 and played first in Serie A in Frosinone and then in Crotone, to finally arrive at Foggia.

A love destined for marriage? Oliver, in fact, the proposal has made it to his Alessia, also quite romantic: the photos of the candlelit dinner surrounded by red rose petals, organized by the former rossoblu shark in an elegant restaurant in the Calabrian city, have made the web tour.

She, however, despite the love, does not feel ready yet to go to the altar: “I am young. I would like to wait a bit” – explained to the weekly – There are many other experiences I would like to do for my career, before marry and have children “.

Now, Alessia is better and already thinks about the next engagements, a new musical project and the return on TV: “I’m working on a new record. I would like to make music like Beyoncé, combining song and dance. And then I’ll be back for the “Tale e Quale show”.

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